Poptropica Mythology Island Walkthrough

Well, I finished Mythology Island and it’s a lot of fun. It’s a pretty long island, kind of like Astro-Knights. There are some really fun parts to this island and some very difficult puzzles to solve. The final battle with Zeus is a lot of fun! Here is the complete video walkthrough for the island. I will post the written version just as soon as I can type it all up! In the meantime, enjoy the video walkthrough and good luck finishing Mythology Island!

Help for The Hard PartsI’ll have a full written walkthrough very soon, but in the meantime, here are some answers to some of the frequently asked questions about Mythology Island. Having trouble? Post a question in the comments and I’ll try to answer it!

Getting the Pomegranate for Hades’ AltarBefore you get into the underworld of Hades to complete some of the tasks in your mission for Zeus, you’ll need to leave an offering of a pomegranate on the altar in Hades’ temple. A lot of people are having problems finding it. The pomegranates are in a tree in the Garden of the Sphinx, which is to the left and over the bridge from the Base of the Tree of Immortality. I wrote a whole post on how to get the pomegranates, but the short version is to jump up on the platforms above the sphinx and they’re yours for the taking.

Here is where you get the pomegranates that will allow you to travel to the underworld.

Getting Hercules to Help YouHercules won’t help you until you have all five items from Zeus’ quest. Once you have the five items, bring them to Athena. Zeus will appear and steal them. The big jerk! Once this happens, talk to Athena and she will tell you that Hercules will help you. You’ll need to have the magic mirror from Aphrodite because Hercules doesn’t want to have to walk. He’s so lazy!

Getting the Hydra ScaleYou can see how to do this in the videos, but basically you need to jump up when the Hydra is about to strike. He will rear one of his heads back to attack and his eyes will bulge out. When this happens, jump up in the air and then try to land on top of his head. That head will get knocked out. When all five heads get knocked out, the Hydra will be asleep and you can click on him to get one of the scales.

Thump goes the Hydra.

Getting the Whisker from CerberusYou’ll need the reed pipe you used to get into the Minotaur’s lair. You’ll also need to learn a song from one of the statues inside Apollo’s temple, where you found the reed pipe. Click on the statue that is holding a reed pipe and she will teach you a special song. When you pass her test, you’ll get a card in your backpack that shows the notes to play. Go to the Underworld and walk up to Cerberus. Play the notes you see on the card using your reed pipe and the big three-headed dog will fall asleep. Then just click on one of his whiskers to get it.

Rock-a-bye doggie...