Poptropica Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure Ad Walkthrough

There’s another new advertisement quest available on Poptropica. Your Poptropica character needs to be the right age to see it and you need to be a girl. I was able to see it in the Early Poptropica island area with my 10-year old girl character.

The story of this advertisement mission is that you need to help Tinkerbell recover three blue moon stones. If you head into the quest area and speak to Tinkerbell. She’ll tell you what to do. Then you go through the door next to her and you’re in an outdoor fairyland. There are three blue moonstones to get. One is to the left, another is right above you in the tree, and one is to the right. Here is how to get them all.

Left Blue MoonstoneRun all the way to the left until you see some giant flowers with mouths that open wide and snap shut. The blue moonstone is inside the mouth of the flower on the top left. You need to jump on one of the lower flowers and then jump up to get the moonstone. If you’re still standing on a flower when its mouth snaps shut, you’ll get knocked off.

The first moonstone is inside the mouth of a snapping flower.

Middle Blue MoonstoneThe middle blue moonstone is up in the tree above where you enter. You need to jump up the branches while avoiding the spiders, who drop down and will knock you around if they hit you. Once you get the blue moonstone in the tree, jump down and run to the right to get to the final moonstone…

The second moonstone is up in the tree with spiders.

Right Blue MoonstoneThe final blue moonstone is all the way to the right and is up in a thorny bush. All you need to do is jump up without hitting the thorns, which will knock you over if you touch them. This last moonstone is really easy to get, though. Now that you have all three, run back to the exit at the base of the tree.

The third moonstone in the thorns

Cool RewardsTalk to Tinkerbell once you’ve collected all the moonstones and she’ll reward you with some pretty nice rewards. They are Blue Pixie Dust and a Blue Moon Fairy Outfit. The fairy costume is really cute and has wings. You can use the blue pixie dust on yourself to create a shower of blue sparkles all around you.

Blue Moon Fairy Outfit with Pixie Dust