Poptropica Despicable Me Ad Walkthrough

There’s another new advertisement building in Poptropica. It looks like it’s available for both boys and girls and I’m not sure if there’s an age requirement like there was for the Percy Jackson one. This ad is for the theatrical release of the Steve Carrell movie, Despicable Me. In this upcoming animated movie, the character Gru tries to steal the moon! In this advertisement mission, you’ll have a much simpler set of tasks to do. This mission is a little bit longer than most and has two parts. In the first part, you need to collect ten missiles before time runs out. In the second part, you try to destroy an enemy plane with the missiles. If you win, you get some very cool prizes as a reward.

The prizes at the end are a shrink ray gun and a minion costume. The shrink ray gun is very cool. Point it at any Poptropican and press the spacebar to shrink them down to miniature size!

  1. Go inside the advertisement building, which you’ll find on most island Main Street areas.
  2. Talk to the people inside, and then walk into the large blue device which is called the Minion Ray.
  3. You’ll arrive in the lab. Walk to the right towards the big ray gun and then you’ll see a message from Gru. He wants you to become a minion and gather 10 missiles within 60 seconds and then get to the hangar door.
  4. When you’re ready, click the orange start button. You’ll walk into the machine and turn into a cute little minion dude.
  5. Run to the right and jump on the platforms to start finding all of the missiles, which are above you.
  6. When you get all 10, head for the upper-right corner, where you’ll find the hangar door.
  7. Next you’ll play another mini-game where you have to shoot down Vector’s plane. Click the start button when you’re ready.
  8. Move with the cursor and shoot with the spacebar. Try to avoid Vector’s rockets and stay away whenever he uses the green shrink ray.
  9. When you destroy his ship, you’ve beaten the mission and Gru gives you some great rewards.