Froot Loops Temple of Selfish Fruit Master Ad Mission

There is a new advertisement mission available for younger Poptropicans on Main Street in most of the islands. It’s an advertisement for Froot Loops and it contains a very short game where you need to catch Froot Loops cereal that shoots out of a fountain inside a temple using a bowl that Toucan Sam gives you. Then you need to catch the villain, a giant fish named the Selfish Fruit Master. Really. I’m not making this up.

To play, you need to be between the ages of 6 and 9. Don’t forget that you can always make amule or temporary new character if your main Poptropican is too old. Go to Early Poptropica island and then walk a little to the right and you’ll see the Froot Loops temple. Go inside and speak with the big Toucan (Toucan Sam) and he will give you the bowl to catch the Froot Loops in.  

To win the mission, just go up a level and click on the fountain to start the game. It will play for 60 seconds and you need to catch at least twenty Froot Loops by walking over them. It’s very easy because after about 30 seconds or so, they’ll all start to collect on the bottom level and you can run over them all to get 20 in no time at all. The Selfish Fruit Master will sometimes appear and if he hits you, you’ll lose some of the cereal in your bowl but not very much.

After the 60 seconds are over and you’ve found at least 20 Froot Loops, the Selfish Fruit Master says you have to catch him. This is really easy. Just stay put and eventually he runs into you. End of mission! The rewards are a Fruit Master costume just like the woman outside the temple is wearing and a special Fruit Fountain Power card that makes it rain cereal wherever you are.