Dodo Bird and General Store

There are two new clues about the upcoming island in Poptropica. This isn’t about Great Pumpkin Island, the special Halloween mini-quest that’s coming for the holidays, but for a new main island quest that the Creators have been talking about for a few weeks. We’ve code-named it Dinosaur Island until we learn more. Poptropica hasn’t said it will feature dinosaurs, but we’re really hoping it will.

The outside of a General Store in Poptropica's upcoming island.

This week the Creators gave us two new screenshots. One is of the exterior of a General Store and the second is the interior of a mansion. Inside the mansion is an ornate round window with a stuffed Dodo bird sitting on the window sill. At least it sure looks like a Dodo. The creators don’t say for sure, instead asking the question, “What kind of bird is that, anyway?”

If you’re not familiar with the Dodo, it was a small flightless bird that went extinct in the mid-1600s. It was a very tasty bird to eat and since it couldn’t fly, it was easy to catch. It’s one of the first known examples of humans causing another species to go extinct.

I think this is also a clue for the island. The person living in the mansion must definitely be concerned with extinct animals. Hmmm, what other kinds of species are extinct? Oh, I don’t know…maybe dinosaurs?

Getting Crowded in the Pumpkin Patch

If you take a visit over to the sneak preview of the Great Pumpkin Island, you’ll see that it’s getting a little more crowded in the pumpkin patch. Last week, Charlie joined Linus and this week Lucy has appeared as well. You can talk to all three and learn a little bit more about the Great Pumpkin and the plans that Linus has to see it when it arrives.

There’s still no word on an exact release date for this island, but you can be sure it will be well before Halloween. Last year, the 
Poptropica Haunted House mini-quest was released on October 8, several weeks before the holiday.

Linus and Charlie are hanging out in the Great Pumpkin Island pumpkin patch.